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Am I making things harder that it really is? I don’t I know what makes me happy anymore. How do I figure that out?

I don’t know how to be friends with someone. Isn’t that funny? I know how to introduce myself, say “hi,” shake their hands, and make small talk. What happens after that though? You realize that this person is so cool. They have a lot if things in common, they’re funny, and easy to talk to. Because one clicks with another person does that mean you’re automatically BFFL? I wish it was that easy… Or is it? Is it like dating? Can you text the person the day after and ask them to hang out? Can you hang out on the regular? How much does two people hang out enough to become good friends? His is really sad… Like funny sad, but still kids sad.


… How awkward? But why can’t I just do that?

and another thing!! When asked a questions a person will do so in answering promptly! Not that they have to answer right away but fuck, did writing essays all through their high school and college careers do nothing? At the bottom it says, “ANSWER TO THE PROMPT!” DUH!!!!!!!!!!

ANOTHER THING! When I send people messages can’t they at least send a message back to say that they received the message? I don’t want to be sending the same shit over again. “I’m asking you to forward the message to so and so like your sister or parents can’t they at least let me know? It’s a kinda important message. I don’t have their contacts but yours so please do it. It’s not that hard. Why you gotta act like your shit don’t stink? WELL YOU KNOW WHAT? I’M SMELLING IT ALL THE FROM YOUR STINKY ASS IN OREGON.

omg. ok. I have to stop now. 

My mother and I are fighting and in the end she says that I am going to be the death of her. I retorted back, “Well, you’re still here so I guess not!” 

Here are some of the other jabs between my mother and I. 

M:”Are you saying that I’m in the wrong?”
T: “I just apologized does that mean that I know I’m wrong and did said I’m sorry?”

augh, I am so upset that I just can’t remember or even have the patience to blog about the shit that my mother and I threw at each other.

Why is it that in an Asian household we are not allowed to express our own opinions?Why is it that old Asian women have to talk behind other people backs and mutter shit about others (me)? I mean c’mon I’m right fucking here. You’re just feeding more fuel into the fire. 

No matter how much crap I throw at my parents why haven’t they kicked me out of this house yet? I want to fucking move out but they won’t let me! I will most definitely be broke as fuck, but I know I can stand on my own two feet.

Last, why is it that Asians treat their younger children like adults and treat their adult children like babies?? FUCK, just let it go already and stfu.

teenage problems when you’re 23…… 

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